Young Woman Pops A ‘Pimple’ Above Eye, Then Staph Infection Almost Blinds Her

Most of us, when were teenagers, probably spent some time popping zits. Let’s face it, they are gross, and they have to go! Yes, there are masks and creams that are supposed to help eliminate the risk of developing pimples, but they are expensive and many times don’t work as well as we would like!

To set the record straight – it is not a good idea to pop those unwanted blemishes! Popping the zit may make it worse or even leave a scar.

Katie Wright had an uncomfortable spot just under her skin and thought it may be a pimple, so she popped it.

That was the worst decision of her life, and she almost ended up blind! Katie is 21 and lives in Austin, Texas, according to the Huffington Post.

An offending pimple had been bothering Katie for some time, and she popped it to try and relieve the pain.

In an hour, the pimple swelled, and the pain was much worse! Katie took herself to the emergency room only to learn that she had a case of cellulitis, a form of staph infection.

Doctors told Katie that having the infection on her face was very bad because it could have spread to her eyes and even her brain!

The most likely cause of the infection was her makeup brushes! Dr. Jessica Krant of State University of New York’s Downstate Medical Center said that cellulitis is commonly confused for pimples.

Once the infection reaches the brain, sinuses, eye socket or bones, they are much harder to treat. Katie spent four days in the hospital recovering! Share away, people.