Young Dad Loses Limbs And Part Of Face, But Not The Will To Connect With His Son

It started out as what everyone thought was a simple cold. Months later, Alex Lewis would be missing part of his face, along with both arms and both legs. It was all the doctors could do to keep the man from literally being eaten alive. Had they not taken such drastic steps, there would only be a cautionary tale to tell.

He Was Left Badly Disfigured

You see, Alex did indeed have a cold, but it was more than that. Tests would later reveal that he had contracted a viral case of Group A streptococcus. Now, this is nothing unusual. It happens, and the body typically filters it out. But in this case, the condition worsened. It became septicaemia (blood poisoning) and then turned into toxic shock syndrome.

Now Alex Lewis Is Making A Comeback

Alex was in a coma as his vital organs shut down one by one. A week later, doctors saw the telltale signs that the infection was raging out of control – the man’s feet, fingertips, arms, lips, nose and part of his ears were turning black, an indication of dead tissue. Emergency amputation may have saved his life, but there were more challenges to come.

And He’s Doing It All For His Son

The toll taken on Alex was severe. Physically, he’s endured several surgeries to stabilize his body and fix his face. But the psychological pain was equally bad. Alex’s baby son found his father’s face frightening, and there were times when he wouldn’t hug or kiss his dad. Over time, that has changed, but there are still many challenges ahead. The documentary below outlines them all. It also confirms one inherent fact – Alex Lewis is a fighter. He wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t.

Here’s More On Alex’s Story

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