You Probably Love These Candles, But Look At What One Just Did To This Woman

One of my favorite things in the world that I do to relax is light some candles.

We all have our favorite scents. In particular, I love to light a candle after I’ve cleaned the house to take away that chemical cleaner smell and infuse the place with warmth.

Bath and Body Works has some of the most fantastic scents out there, but one mom recently found out that their candles can be incredibly dangerous. Thanks to her Nest security system, the whole incident was caught on camera, and it’s so scary.

Ashley Brawley lit a Bath and Body Works candle for three hours and 20 minutes, and when she went to blow it out, flames engulfed her face.

If you turn your volume up, you can hear her crying out in pain as she suffers from first and second degree burns.

Brawley had to go to the emergency room and is fortunately doing okay now, but she wanted to warn anyone who has the candles about how dangerous they might be.

If you’re worried about preventing incidents like this, you can check out some basic candle care instructions. Rather than blowing out candles, you can even go old school and get a snuffer to stay safe.