Woman Turns Husband Into Dog Food, Feeds Him To Dog — And That’s Not The Worst Part

Svetlana Batukova, 46, allegedly murdered her husband, Horst Hans Henkels, 66, on April 1. The couple was staying at their home on the island of Majorca. If that isn’t’ bad enough, wait until you find out how she killed him. Batukova stabbed Henkels many times with a kitchen knife and then she carved him up and fed strips of his flesh to the family dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier!

The police reported that Batukova was sitting next to her husband’s corpse and was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that Henkels’ arms were cut down to the bone.

Henkels had recently undergone surgery on his windpipe and wasn’t able to speak during the attack.

Batukova had even allegedly offered a man $56,000 to kill her husband prior to the incident. Henkels official cause of death was that he bled to death on the kitchen floor, there were no signs that he tried to fight off his wife – suggesting that he had been drugged before the attack.

Batukova was suspected of having a psychotic episode and spent the days leading up to her trial in a psychiatric ward. She has admitted to being a cocaine addict.

Batukova and Henkels had lived together for several years before getting married in January – the couple frequently argued.

In court, Batukova was denied bail and will be in custody of the authorities until the murder trial starts, the date for that trial is unknown. Share away, people.