Woman Travels The U.S. In RV, Helps Homeless People ‘Walk Tall’ In Touching Fashion

We all know that renewed feeling of confidence we get from a fresh haircut – and this special woman is providing that feeling to hundreds of homeless communities around the nation.

Felisha Ruehmer, a cosmetologist in South Carolina, wanted to do more than just be a hairstylist in her hometown – she wanted to make an impactful difference in her community. It all started when Felisha made a Facebook post, suggesting that she wanted to provide haircuts for her local homeless community and wanted to see if others would also be interested. To her surprise, Felisha woke up to an overwhelming amount of positive responses, with people offering advice and eagerly volunteering for the event.

Felisha held her first event earlier this year, in Aiken, South Carolina, alongside several volunteers and hairstylists. She spread the word by going to a handful of local shelters and was pleasantly surprised by the 106 homeless people that came out to the first event.

Immediately, Felisha observed a revived sense of pride and confidence the haircuts gave people, changing the way they felt about themselves.

Through her experience, Felisha started ‘Walking Tall,’ an organization aimed at helping the homeless in need by providing fresh haircuts, warm showers, comfortable clothes, and hygienic toiletry bags. The name ‘Walking Tall’ was derived from the renewed sense of self-worth Felisha observed as she saw many of these people hold their heads up high after their improved appearance.

Felisha’s RV has become a permanent staple of the movement, as she travels across the country, already hitting 17 states and changing the lives of many along the way. Felisha Ruehmer has provided haircuts for over a thousand homeless people and is determined to continue to help others. She hopes her actions will inspire others to step up and give back to their communities, “It takes so little effort to be good to people… We are planting seeds of giving back,” she said.

Over the course of the last year, Felisha has traveled the country, transforming the lives of more than 1,300 people in various states. She wants those that are homeless to know that they are valued, and deserve to be taken care of, giving them, she says, “hope to rise above.”

Felisha Ruehmer has traveled across the nation, positively impacting dozens of major cities, numerous communities, and hundreds of people. She demonstrates that genuine considerate and meaningful efforts can have an astronomical impact on those around us.

Felisha’s goal is to continue to give back, taking ‘Walking Tall’ to New York City’s Grand Central Station later this month.

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