Woman Taking Out The Trash Makes A Disturbing Discovery Inside A Backpack

Taking out the trash is one of the most commonplace chores that we all have to take on throughout the course of lives and it is something that most of us do without even truly thinking about it. It is just something that we all have to do (whether we want to or not) and when we head out to the curb to dispose of trash, we typically do so with an air of resignation.

After all, taking out the trash is not exactly the most exciting activity known to man, now is it? Garbage day tends to be a very ho hum occasion and unless you are unlucky enough to find a raccoon or two lounging around inside of your can, this is probably all of the action that you could ever possibly to hope to experience in these scenarios, right?

For one woman in Canada, an ordinary trash day turned into something else entirely. She could not help but notice that something seemed to be alive in there and while many of us would have closed the lid as quickly as possible before running back inside screaming, Jennifer is a special person. She found a moving backpack in the garbage and knew that she could not leave it behind.

When she opened the bag, she never could have expected what she was going to find. A very sickly cat was inside of the bag and had been cruelly tossed away. Jennifer and her husband James took the cat to Alberta Animal Services, where the extent of the animal’s issues was made painfully clear. The cat was blind, neurologically impaired and had a litany of injuries.

The cat was quite the fighter, though! He was very affectionate to the staff as well and the staff named him Hiro. The cat beat the odds by continuing to fight for his life and he even began to regain his sight later in the year. His broken hip and pelvis received the necessary treatment and those who follow Alberta Animal Services on Facebook were soon treated to photos of Hiro walking again.

Jennifer and James wanted to be the ones to take him home once he was ready to leave and the animal services staff took notice of all the effort that they had put in.