Woman Risks Her Life To Save 21 Dogs From Drowning In Floods

Betty Walter is a special woman and her actions during Hurricane Harvey more than prove it. When her home was hit by the flooding that took place, it would have been easy for her to run away and leave her dogs to fend for themselves. She became stranded inside of her attic and she and the animals had no way out. The animal lover stood her ground and was ready to remain by their side no matter what.

When rescue crews arrived on the scene, they let Betty know that they would be able to take her and not the dogs. While some people would have happily accepted the assistance, Betty insisted upon staying until all 21 dogs in her home could be rescued as well. She started off with 16 dogs when the storm originally hit, but was kind enough to take in some stragglers along the way.

Most would be happy with the dogs that they were able to rescue, but Betty is definitely not most people. The waters in her neighborhood were too high to rescue all of the dogs who were in need of help and this is what hurt Betty the most. The rescue crews prioritized people over animals in this situation and it is safe to say that Betty did not share their point of view.

She understands why the rescue crews made this sort of decision, but in her mind, the animals are of equal importance. Once the flood waters began to rise, she remained in the attic with the dogs and waited for rescue. The rescue crews would not help and Betty and the dogs’ salvation finally came about in the form of a couple of local good Samaritans who had a boat.

They came into the neighborhood in search of a different woman who was in need of help and when it turned out that she had already been saved, they turned their attentions towards Betty and the dogs. It was a terrible ordeal and while it was difficult to fit all 21 dogs inside of one boat, the rescuers successfully removed Betty and the animals from the house before it was too late.

Betty is now safe and she is urging everyone to make a donation to the good people at Bay Area Pet Adoptions. They are Galveston County’s sole non kill shelter and without their help, Betty never would have been able to provide shelter to all of the dogs. Bay Area Pet Adoption members offered the medicine that the animals needed and helped walk them as well. Please be sure to pass this along as soon as possible.