Woman poses for her pregnancy photos, then a swarm of bees cover her entire body

When we think about swarming bees, we are usually not thinking about maternity shoots. While we have all heard the stories about the birds and the bees, as well as the role that they each play in the process of mating, this woman decided that she would take this familiar concept to a whole new level. In an odd way, a maternity shoot like this one is only fitting, isn’t it?

Emily Mueller decided to represent for the bees with her amazing photo shoot and we cannot imagine why she would make such a bold choice. But as someone who runs a bee related service alongside of her husband, perhaps this is not so hard to understand after all. Emily and her husband are well known in Akron, Ohio and their tireless efforts are what have allowed the Mueller Honey Bee Removal Service to become what it is today.

They spend their days heading to various places and removing all of the bee colonies that have begun to spring up in places where they are not exactly wanted. Bees are crucial pollinators and it is important that they be removed from these areas without the usage of methods that are deadly. The rescue bees are also used to support the family business, as their honey is sold for a profit.

When it was time to have a photo shoot to celebrate the impending birth of the couple’s fourth child, the inclusion of some recently rescued bees was an essential no brainer. The bees were rescued from a park where children play and while the bees were certainly a nuisance in that context, they have since been removed and used to create what is considered to be a once in a lifetime experience.

This is not a photo shoot that we would recommend attempting to recreate on your own time and it is important to remember that Emily is a well trained beekeeper. The bees remained cooperative throughout the duration of the shoot if you are curious and Emily did not experience the deluge of stings that some might have expected to take place in this instance.

Thanks to this awesomely unique idea, she was able to merge one of her passions with one of the most incredible moments in her life to create art that will stand the test of time. We have never seen a maternity shoot quite like this one and we are willing to bet that we will never see one quite like it again. Please be sure to pass it along to all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.