Woman Hilariously Recreate Celebrity Instagram Photos

Celeste Barbar has risen to prominence in recent years as a humorist who knows how to cut to the core of our favorite celebrities. While there are certain Instagram posts that many of us would consider to be iconic, Celeste has no problem with poking a little bit of irreverent fun at some of our favorite entertainers and we support her 100 percent.

She has created an ongoing series of Instagram posts on this topic and this series is entitled #CelesteChallengeAccepted. Let’s take a closer look at some of her most recent recreations and be sure to scroll down in order to check out each and every one of them.

The level of attention to detail is truly something to behold. Not only did she nail the shirt, but the struggle plate that she created in response to the original picture is absolutely priceless.

Celeste is out here representing for all of the women out there who have a little bit more to love and we are more than happy to see her doing so. What a hysterical recreation!

While some of us might be dreaming of becoming the woman who is on the left, let’s face the facts here….the woman on the right is just a little bit more realistic, isn’t she?

For those who are a little bit fed up with Celeste constantly mocking their favorite celebrities, this picture is probably funny to them on more than a few levels.

Replacing a baseball bat with a baguette? Classic Celeste behavior if we have ever seen, that is for sure.

As for this image? Let’s just say that we are not sure if this one is supposed to be a recreation or merely just a natural response to having light shined directly into your eyes.

An image like this one should definitely be passed around and shared with a much wider audience, as they are sure to appreciate Celeste’s attention to detail.

This woman’s clearly rehearsed pose is no match for Celeste’s retort. How can you blame her though? She definitely woke up like this.

All that’s missing from this picture are the blank stares of the Migos, but we guess that these small children will have to do in a pinch.

We’re not sure who is supposed to be imitating who here and in our humble opinion, both of these images are equally ridiculous.

Please take a moment to pass along Celeste’s hysterical photos to all of your closest friends and family members.