Woman Gives Haircuts To Homeless People Around The Country

After going to school for cosmetology, one woman decided to use her skills to help homeless people around the country feel better about themselves and their appearance.

In 2016, Felisha Ruehmer couldn’t stop thinking about helping the homeless by giving free haircuts until she finally made a Facebook post to see if others would help out. “When I woke up and checked the post, many people had volunteered to help and given ideas about how I could make it come together,” Ruehmer said.

“I felt like God was calling me to do it so I said I’ll do this if you show me how,” Ruehmer said. In February 2016, she hosted her first free haircut event with the help of some volunteers and gave haircuts to the 106 people that turned up at the event. “It makes me feel like I am respectable again, an average person” said one man whose hair was cut by Ruehmer.

Since that first event, Ruehmer has traveled around the country in an RV and has given 1,300 haircuts to the homeless. Ruehmer has also started an organization called ‘Walking Tall’, which provides free haircuts, showers, clothes, and food. “If you think about how good you feel when you get your hair done, but it’s one of the last things on a homeless person’s mind,” Ruehmer said. “They are thinking about eating. A haircut can give them the confidence to stand up and instead of feeling like they are less than.”

“It takes so little effort to be good to people,” Ruehmer said. “We are planting seeds of giving back.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible thing this woman is doing for the homeless.

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