Woman feeds bacon treats to lonely shelter dog, then he escapes and walks 3.5 miles to her home

There is a certain belief among animal lovers that an owner does not choose their pet, that the pet is actually the one who chooses them. While some might not agree with that assessment, this story is definitely proof positive. Abbey has recently made friends with a new dog named Ted and the story of how their kinship came to be will definitely melt your heart and hit you in your feels.

Abbey works for the SPCA and Ted was brought in during one of her shifts this past January. He was unwilling to interact with her and the timid dog only paid attention to Abbey when she was feeding him cheese flavored bacon bits. Once the meal was concluded, she did her best to provide him with a larger kennel and went home from her shift in the same manner that she would on any other day of work.

She works a second job at the local airport, a job that requires her to wake up at 3 AM each day. When she arrived back at her house, she found a stray dog waiting for her. While she was initially wary of the dog at first, she would soon decide to approach the animal, who just so happened to share the same nick on their nose as Ted.

In an instant, Abbey knew that Ted was paying her a visit and a quick call to her workplace confirmed that this was indeed the animal staring back at her on her front porch. No one seems to have the faintest idea how Ted ended up at her home and the animal would have needed to travel over five kilometers just to make his way from the shelter to the home of the kind woman who fed him bacon bits.

Abbey is not the sort of person who believes in mere coincidences and she refused to ignore the obvious sign of an animal like Ted showing up at her house the day after meeting him. Out of all the houses and all the scents in the world, Ted followed his instincts until he ended up at the perfect house. We commend this pup for his willingness to follow his heart (and nose) until he ended up at the proper location.

Dogs are not allowed at Abbey’s current residence and she is working to adopt Ted in the meantime. He sensed a bond with this woman and they are determined to build a new life together. For those who insist that dogs are merely mindless creatures who go wherever the food is, this story serves as a crippling blow to those outdated beliefs. Please share this amazing tale with your friends and family members.

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