Woman Drives Two Heartbroken Pups Across Country For Moving Reunion With Their Human

They say “Dog is a man’s best friend,” and if you’ve ever had one, you know first-hand that this is true.

But did you also know they have memories like elephants, too?

When you come home from work, your pup is delighted to see you.

She’ll come running for the door, wagging her tail, and maybe even jumping and/or barking.

You’re only gone a short while, so it’s understandable your dog will recognize you.

However, they show signs of having somewhat of a long-term memory, too.

Think about one of your friends or family members that they haven’t seen in a couple of weeks – your pup gets pretty excited when they come around too.

But what about longer than a couple weeks, how about a couple months?

Joshua is an Air Force veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan. When his tour was over and he came back home to the States, things were very different and difficult for him.

Joshua started suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his two dogs, Momma and Panda, were the only ones that could comfort him.

“Just going from a war zone to a civilian life and coming back, you feel totally isolated,” Josh explained. “You feel totally alone. You feel cut off from everything.

“I slept inside a closet before, because it’s small. It had a small door on it, and it made me feel safe.”

Things got very bad for Joshua and he was forced to start a new life, 1,900 miles away from Louisiana in California.

Unfortunately, he had to leave Momma and Panda behind so he could get settled. It wasn’t easy without his pups and things started to get dark for Joshua again.

“Every day I wake up without them snuggled up underneath my blankets is a strange day, every day I don’t have to walk a dog is a wrong day,” Joshua said.

He turned to Pitbulls and Parolees for help.

Mariah, from the Animal Planet show, made arrangements to bring him his beloved dogs, who hadn’t eaten much in the time they were separated from Joshua and were both melancholy.

Mariah wasn’t sure what to expect Momma and Panda’s reactions would be since they’d been away from Joshua for so long but it is a reunion she won’t soon forget, and likely, neither will you…

Watch This Touching Reunion:

The dogs immediately perked up and started eating almost instantly. Not only are the dogs Joshua’s lifeline, but he’s clearly theirs, too!

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