Woman dies after getting four abortions in a year while trying for son to please her husband

An Anhui woman died tragically recently after terminating four pregnancies in a year, trying desperately to meet her husband’s demands for a son.

Four years ago, the woman gave birth to a baby girl. After China finally did away with its infamous «one child» policy last year, the woman’s husband pressed her to have another kid, insisting that it should be a boy this time around.

However, each time that she became pregnant, the couple discovered that it was with another girl. Afterward, the woman’s husband pressured her into terminating the pregnancies. Eventually, these abortions took a toll on the woman’s health, and, as she became seriously ill, her husband divorced her.

The woman then used the 170,000 yuan divorce settlement to seek treatment in Shanghai. However, doctors there were not able to save her life, China Youth Daily reports without clarifying what exactly she died of. For the month that she was in the hospital, her ex-husband never came to see her, instead spending his time buying a new car and preparing to marry another woman.

Afterward, the woman’s family visited the man’s home carrying with them her ashes and demanding to see him. However, he simply hid out at a neighbor’s place until they were all gone.

The woman found out the sex of her unborn kids through ultrasound exams, which are illegal in China for exactly this reason, but remain common in practice at clinics around the country. Last week, a pair of siblings were arrested in Shenzhen for operating an illegal ultrasound business out of their minivan.