Woman Born With Bright Red Skin Is The First With Rare Condition To Become Mom

Stephanie Turner lives with an extremely rare skin condition that causes her skin to crack, peel and grow 10 times as fast. Although her thick, red scaly skin has made her the target of bullies from a young age, she hasn’t let Harlequin ichthyosis stand in her way of finding true love and happiness.

She and husband Curtis got married and went on to build a life together, including two beautiful and healthy children. Stephanie was the first woman with the rare skin condition to give birth after delivering eldest son Willy several years ago.

She broke records again in 2015 when she gave birth to the couple’s second child, a daughter named Olivia.

Born With A Rare Skin Condition, Stephanie Endured Years Of Teasing Growing Up

Harlequin ichthyosis causes her skin to look red.

Doctors Warned Against Getting Pregnant Due To The Stress Put On Her Body

Medical experts were concerned about the stretching of her skin and the damage it would cause.

Stephanie Is Unable To Grow Hair

Her eyelids and ears are also receding.

She Became The First Woman To Give Birth With Her Condition

Husband Curtis Has Been A Wonderful Source Of Support

The happy couple live in Wynne, Arkansas.

Her Painful Skin Condition Is Unbearable At Times

Stephanie has beat the odds.

Here She Is At 20

She has had to be so strong in the face of her challenges.

Stephanie Is Relieved Neither Of Her Children Have Inherited Her Rare Condition

In order for the children to have her condition, both she and husband Curtis would have to carry the gene.

Stephanie Pregnant With Her First Child, Willy

Her husband calls her “supermom.”

Despite Her Challenges, Stephanie Gives Motherhood Her All

She’s the first woman with Harlequin ichthyosis to ever become a mom.

Stephanie Is Beating The Odds

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