With Her Baby’s Face Covered In Sores, A Mother Finally Remembers The Cause

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Their child is suffering, and they have no idea why. From unknown genetic abnormalities to simple inborn diseases, instead of enjoying their infants formative years, they are busy spending hours at hospitals and doctor’s offices trying to find answers. Eventually, they either live with the outcome and discover a way to make the best of things, or the truth is revealed, and a course of treatment/cure revealed.

This Is Savina And Her Daughter Sienna

For one mom in the UK, her child’s condition was at once both terrifying and confusing. She was a mere toddler, and yet she couldn’t understand how her baby could be dealing with such a problem. It started simple enough – sores on her face. The baby would wake up with her pillow and clothes covered in blood, and while many dismissed it as a rash, the reality was far more shocking.

This Is Sienna Today

As experts poked and prodded, as they came up with conclusions from “a rash” to an allergic reaction, Savina French-Bell just knew it had to be something else. Indeed, by the age of two, her daughter Sienna had to be rushed to the hospital to have treatment. In fact, the child rarely wanted to eat and fought taking walks outside for fear of the reactions she got from strangers. Then, Savina remembered an important piece of the puzzle and it lead to doctors finally finding a way to treat the babe.

And This Was Her – And Her Clothes – A While Back

Turns out, a close family relative had herpes, and while infected, gave Sienna an innocent kiss on the cheek. Within days, the child was suffering from the same condition. A carefully controlled treatment regime and now little Sienna is in the clear. After eight months, her face has cleared up. While there is always a risk of re-infecton, Savina is staying positive. Once you see little Sienna, you know why.

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