Wife Starts Giving Birth To 6th Baby, Then Dad Looks Down And Begins Screaming

Technology today allows expecting parents to know if they will have a baby girl or a baby boy. That way, the parents can throw a clever gender reveal party! Or not. They just may want to decorate the child’s room with a color scheme associated with the gender. The dad in this video has five children already. He is no stranger to a pregnant wife and the delivery room. What you are about to witness is a man that is over the moon when his sixth child arrives!

It would appear that the man and his wife opted to be surprised by the baby’s gender. The expression and reaction on this man’s face when he finds out the sex of the newborn is priceless!

It is amazing that someone caught it all on video! The look on his face at first, before the baby comes out is – well, tense, when he finally sees the baby he begins to scream!

He yells “Oh My God” over and over – he is clearly happy to see the newborn and to finally know the gender!

The doctor even had to tell the excited father to sit down, so he didn’t scare anyone! The new daddy is that thrilled!

Afterward, the man admitted that he and his wife were stunned. One important piece of information we left out is that the man is a father to five daughters – and this new baby is – a boy! That could explain the joy – right?! Watch and see his adorable reaction!

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