Watching Google Street View, You Can Notice Really Amazing Scenes!

Maps on Google Street View make your life easier and enable to see the places that you would probably never see live. However, the Google cameras sometimes capture a lot of funny, beautiful and shocking situations and views.

See for yourself!

1. A landing seagull.

2. A Russian chasing the bear.

3. A butterfly sitting on the Google camera.

4. The consequences of an awesome party.

5. A man and his… monkey.

6. No, it is not the explosion of the building. This is the effect of the fight between a dove and the camera.

7. Has the prisoner just escaped?

8. Laser experiments.

9. How did the man get there?

10. This is how the horror starts…

11. The miracle of birth captured by the Street View.

12. Aliens exist!

13. I wander, what is going on?

13. Monkeys in the hot springs, somewhere in Japan.

14. A lonely, frozen road…

15. Run!

16. And that’s it!

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