Waitress tells couple she ‘believes in God.’ Then they tip her $1,200

An anonymous Christian couple who dined at Bar Louie in Woodbridge, New Jersey gave a kind waitress the tip of a lifetime. The two simply ordered two hamburgers along with two drinks and were presented with a $20 bill.

When the 21-year-old waitress Brianna Siegel delivered the check, they gave her an envelope and told her that she could only open it when she got back home.

“Do you believe in God?” the couple asked Brianna. Brianna replied positively and simply thought that the envelope was just another regular tip.

She almost forgot about the envelope at the end of her shift, but was astonished to see what was inside and says she dropped to her knees: a check for a whopping twelve hundred dollars. Along with a check, the couple also gave her a small note.

“Bri, God cared for you. This is not a coincidence. Peter 5:7 “Cast all your cares on him because he cares for you”. I pray that you are the best RN out there. Whenever it gets hard, know God got you. – B+W.”

A reporter from CBS2 was able to talk with the generous couple, although the two wish to remain anonymous. They said to the reporter that God told them to give the money to a stranger who has touched them in a way.

“I really had no words, I didn’t know what to say,” Brianna recalls. “I didn’t know if it was real if it was a scam.”

She enjoyed talking to the couple during their stay but never could have expected them to give such a huge tip.

“I’ve been in the food industry all my life…it’s my favorite thing to do,” she said. “I was talking to them, they were really nice people. We were laughing,”

Restaurant manager Brent Ruhkamp applauds the large tip and says that this act of kindness couldn’t have happened to a better person than Brianna.

“She’s always willing to come in. Always willing to help out. She’s a great worker for us,” he said.

The hefty sum will surely come in handy for Brianna, and she definitely wants to spend it wisely. She’s going to use a part of the money to pay for a nanny for her little child so that she could work more for a better future. She’ll also save some cash for the purchase of a car and will use the rest of the funds to pay for nursing school.

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