Visitor feeds snacks to bear from car window in infamous Badaling wildlife park

Seemingly completely unphased by videos of humans (and donkeys) being mauled to death by wild animals, visitors to the infamous Badaling Wildlife World outside of Beijing were spotted breaking even more safety regulations recently.

In a video filmed inside the safari-style park on Saturday, a bear is seen sticking its nose into the open window of a parked SUV with the driver apparently attempting to feed the bear up close.

Seemingly spooked, the driver soon throws the snacks out of the vehicle onto the ground before driving off. A similar incident occurred at the park in February and recently another vehicle was spotted driving through the park with a pair of kids’ heads sticking out of the sunroof.

Again, this is the very same wildlife park where just last year a woman was nearly mauled to death after getting out of her car inside the tiger enclosure. While the woman managed to survive the incident with her life, the woman’s mother, who rushed out to save her daughter, was not so lucky.

Though the park’s manager has hoped that visitors would learn from the bloody lessons of the past, they appear to be a bit slow on the uptake.