Viral Photo Taken During Hurricane Harvey Reveals Devastating Story About Nursing Home Residents

A recent photo of the horrific flooding that has taken place in a Texas nursing home during Hurricane Harvey went viral almost immediately and when America saw the image of several elderly women who were trapped without help, hearts everywhere were broken. CNN was finally able to speak with the daughter of one of the residents and it turns out the photo was taken with a very good reason in mind.

Unfortunately, visual imagery has a far greater effect when it comes to spurring people into action. The decision to make the photo public took place because the residents were not being given the proper assistance. Many of the people that you are seeing in the photo did not have access to the oxygen that they needed and since most of them are in wheelchairs, they have little to no ability to rescue themselves.

Instead of arranging for a rescue, the administrators at the nursing home told the residents that they needed to have a plan for the disaster and this plan involved little more than simply sitting in one place. All it took was 15 minutes for the area to become completely flooded with water and once the aforementioned daughter contacted emergency services, the residents were essentially unable to be reached.

The photos were tweeted out of a sense of desperation and hopelessness. Once the photo began to make its rounds on the Internet, the National Guard caught wind of this traumatic situation and arrived on the scene. The residents experienced a successful rescue and this happy ending would have taken place without the assistance of the Internet.

If you were wondering about the cat that was seen in the back of the photo, do not worry. The kitty was saved as well and remains alive and well. The elderly residents were transferred to a different living facility. Hurricane Harvey continues to batter Houston and it will take weeks (if not months) to finish the rescue efforts.

With limited amounts of rescue personnel and equipment, in addition to flooded roadways, these efforts are not going as quickly as residents would like. Let’s all do our part and share this story, so that we can raise awareness about the tragedy that has taken place in the Lone Star State. This is a time to come together and help our fellow man as much as we possibly can.