VIDEO: Watch As This Baby Gets Confused Over Which Twin Is The Daddy

They are one of biology’s most baffling mysteries. Scientifically, it all makes sense. The same egg is fertilized by the same DNA, and if it splits, you end up with two sets of the same thing. Boys. Girls. Mix. Unless you end up with two different embryos, you typically wind up with twins. Identical. Exact. The same.

Twins Are Interesting

Moving beyond the basics, then there’s the whole “psychic sharing” ideal. You know what we mean. Two girls, the same in every way, can sense when the other is in trouble. Or hurting. Or in pain. In fact, there have been stories where one twin gets hit or cut and the other knows it and feels it. Or what about the creepier tales where someone is sure they have a sibling, and it turns out their twin was adopted out when they were babies. They keep sensing the connection, until they meet up with someone who…

Their Resemblance Is Uncanny

Now imagine being on the outside looking in on all this twin madness. Especially if your brain isn’t quite developed enough to understand to handle the whole “copied genetics” concept. For a baby, twins can be ultra-confusing. They are seeing double and don’t know why. Now turn this scenario into something involving mommy or daddy, and you can see the entire situation taking a decidedly hilarious turn.

Overall, They’re More Mysterious Than Anything

For this little kid, Da-Da represents the entire world. He’s safety and security. He’s food and fun. He’s just about everything. Now imagine seeing two of him, and not just some mirror image or reflection. No, another real live human who looks just like him. Check out the child’s face and get ready to smile. There’s so much cutie pie confusion here that it has to be seen to be believed. We’re still laughing.

Which One’s Which?

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