Video Of Grandma And Her Daughter In The Delivery Room Has Quickly Gained Two Million Views

Having twins is a pretty rare thing unless you have been assisted by a fertility clinic, they only happen about once in every one thousand pregnancies. But could you imagine having two sets of twins? The odds of that happening are literally off the charts, but for one California couple, it just means more loving to go around. You are going to be amazed when you watch this delivery video.

Like most couples, Weston and Erica decided they were ready to start a family. Their first child was a healthy girl, and three years later they were overjoyed to discover that they were having twins; a boy and a girl.

Four years later, they found out that Erica was again pregnant, and again, expecting twins. This time, they decided to keep the babies’ genders a surprise.

This video shows the moment that Erica is headed to the hospital to deliver the new twins. At thirty eight weeks, her medical team decided to induce labor.

During their commute to the hospital, Weston wanted to make sure that there was a complete record of the blessed event for posterity, so he started shooting with his smart phone. The two were able to capture virtually every important phase, from the trip to the hospital all the way through to the twins’ birth. He came prepared with all the latest digital recording technology, from laptops and tablets to a gopro camera. While it was never nominated for any awards, his film managed to capture all the drama and wonder of childbirth for the family to relive forever.

This video has been viewed almost two million times on YouTube and hundreds of people have left comments, saying things like:

“The way she smiled after she birthed them, made me less scared to give birth!
I’m due in April”- Brianna Frost

“Awwww they are so cute. congratulations you guys. many more blessings to you all. and they have some lungs on them.”- Breanna Anderson

“I am expecting my second set of twins due July 2017. My first set was born in Sept 2008. They were conceived the old fashion way.”- Crystal Sparks

“You have a lovely family. Would love to see a Day in the life style video. It’s chaotic enough at our place with one set of twins, I couldn’t even imagine how busy it must be in your household.”- Cotter Twins

“my mom had 2 sets of twins and I’m one of them it’s funny how people figure out that I’m a twin it’s even funnier when my dad says that my mom had 2 sets of twins the people who learn this cracks up.”- Halley Lillard

“Thank you so much for sharing your family’s special moment. It’s so wonderful to see what strong little boys you gave birth to. Truly wonderful!”- Sarad Thamia

“Erica, you look radiantly stunningly beautiful being pregnant! I’m in tears of joy at your delivery of Kale and Kane! What two precious miracles again! You and Weston are so thoughtful to think of the nurses and bring snacks/gifts to share and bring to them!”- Kali Love

Do you know anyone who has had multiple sets of twins? Please share your story with us here.