Video Of DUI Checkpoint Causes Controversy. Whose Side Are You On, The Cop Or The Driver?

Here’s a very eye-opening look at a DUI checkpoint procedure that was captured on video and received some mixed reactions from those who viewed it.

The video, which went viral and has been viewed over 5 million times, shows how the driver was treated, which involves drug dogs and being searched without consent.

The YouTube video description explains what this driver encountered during the DUI checkpoint:

“Police won’t let me know if I’m being detained (I broke no laws), they use their K-9 to false alert on my car giving themselves permission to search my stuff, and lie about me having illegal drugs in my car. They eventually let me go with no charges after they discover that I was recording them the entire time.”

Further, the video poster explains some of the numbers from the checkpoint for that night:

  • 250 vehicles passed through the checkpoint
  • 20 vehicles were detained that required further investigation
  • Three vehicles were searched
  • One misdemeanor arrest was made

Further, the video owner notes that “32 citations were issued: Two child restraint device citations, one DUI, 10 citations for violations of the registration law, four citations for violation of the light law, one revoked/suspended driver’s license, six financial responsibility (no insurance), six other driver’s license law violations, and two safety belt law violations.”

He further points to the fact that out of 250 vehicles involved, only one DUI arrest was made, less than one percent. The poster notes: “It seems to me that these police checkpoints are nothing more than just fundraisers for themselves. At a DUI stop, the police are only supposed to stop people for a short period of time to see if they are driving impaired. They are NOT supposed to be issuing citations to people.”

The driver explains that he disagrees with checkpoints because “in America, you are innocent until proven guilty. At checkpoints, that is pretty much reversed. In the future, I recommend that all motorists record their encounters with law enforcement.”

There were many comments about the checkpoint video with one person explaining: “I feel like it’s too easy to demonize the police though, I mean you don’t really know any backstory on the police officer, maybe he has dealt with a LOT of crap and disrespectful idiots in the past and therefore it causes him to be a little more alert, brash and edgy when it comes to his line of duty.”

Another commenter noted: “Cop was definitely baited, however, it’s his hunger for control that made him so easy to bait. Average person would have rolled down their window and complied, because they know if they don’t, the cop will overreact and do everything they can to express dominance over you, and that would waste a lot of time. But, this video makes a fair point. It definitely shouldn’t be that way.”

The commenter added: “They’ve grown into the habit of expecting 100% obedience, whether the person has any legal obligation to comply or not, and when citizens act according to their rights, cops throw a fit and want to ruin your day, just because they can get away with it.”