VIDEO: ‘Deceased’ Toddler Wakes Up In Middle Of Own Funeral

It’s perhaps the most celebrated story in the Bible, after the Sermon on the Mount and the Resurrection. As a matter of fact, it ties directly into the story of Jesus and his crucifixion and ascension into Heaven. If we give you the name Lazarus, you will fully understand what we are talking about. The miracle performed, the raising of the dead, has been one of the mysteries of religion and faith since the Good Book became the foundation of Christianity.

It’s A Memorable Moment For Jesus

Of course, in these modern times, we don’t assume that the dead come back. In fact, we have turned such possibilities into the stuff of science fiction and horror. Again, just use the word “zombie” and you understand exactly what we mean. Even in those cases where a happy accident occurs on a diagnosis, or conclusion has been misread, we are still dealing with the stuff of medicine, not miracles. The contemporary mind can only view said circumstances in light of their culture, not their consciousness.

It’s One Of His Best Miracles

There’s a story out of the Philippines, however, that could change that concept drastically. A mother and father were convinced that their child was very very ill. The baby was running a terribly high fever and was not getting any better. Because of their circumstances, they couldn’t afford proper medical care. When their child became unresponsive, they reached out to a local official and the sad truth was realized. Their child was dead.

And It May Have Happened Again Recently

Or was she? As this dramatic video shows, as they were preparing the toddler for burial, as they were adjusting her dress and her coffin, someone noticed something. A slight movement. The child was moving her head. Immediately they rushed to her, grabbed her out of the burial cloth and took her to a local clinic. Sure enough she had been wrongfully declared dead and was still alive. A few days later, after treatment, she was sent home, happy and healthy. Talk about a resurrection. Talk about a miracle.

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