Veteran with PTSD brings dog to restaurant only to have mad woman scream at him in ‘disgust’

Do you have a dog at home?

Many of us have these canine companions around simply because they bring us comfort or a sense of fun and responsibility to our lives. Still, there are many others who have dogs or cats because they need them as support animals. In fact, many veterans across the country are paired with support dogs who are there to help them get around, deal with trauma and to simply be a friend.

Still, not everyone always understands the importance of these animals to their owners.

A story out of Delaware City has recently gone viral over a confrontation in a Kathy’s Crab House.

Army National Guard veteran Bill Austin was in the restaurant with JP, his Great Dane. Because of his PTSD symptoms, JP often accompanies him in social places that could become overwhelming as a way to keep him grounded. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, restaurants must allow veterans with dogs or other support animals entry, regardless of what their other policies are.

Unfortunately, this idea did not sit well with another woman in the restaurant.

As captured in the video, the woman had strong opinions about the presence of the dog in the restaurant.

As she states, having such a large animal in a place where people are eating food is “disgusting,” and that if it is allowed, those patrons should be kept in a separate area. Because she raises her voice, many others come to Austin’s defense, explaining that the man is a veteran and that he needs the dog for emotional support. The woman quickly retorts that her father is a veteran as well and that detail is besides the point.

After viewing the clip, what do our readers think?

The woman in the video was angry and upset by the presence of the dog despite knowing it was legally allowed to be there. She suggested, somewhat harshly, that there be a rule keeping animals separate whenever necessary. She also stated that she was within her rights to share her opinion. By the end of the video, other bystanders are coming in to try and cool off the exchange as the woman leaves. Was what happened only disrespectful and unnecessary or was there any truth to the argument? How would you have handled the situation?

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