Vet who had a stroke at 25 goes to adopt dog. When he goes to pay, she says “you’ve paid enough”

War is a horrendous experience for everyone involved, but especially for the soldiers on the front lines.

These brave men and women selflessly risk their lives in battle, leaving their friends and family for long periods of time to fight for our country and protect our rights.

When these courageous individuals return from battle, they are often the victims of innumerable health disorders, both mental and physical.

Sometimes, they can even seem like a completely different person, as Health Guidance explains:

“It’s no surprise, once you understand the distress that soldiers experience during the war, that they find it hard to be the same, emotionally, ever again […] Veterans of war who experience PTSD without adequate counselling and care often do not marry or have children, perhaps because they have experienced near death and have severe difficulty letting go of the idea that they may die any day.”

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, depending on the service era, the rate of PTSD among veterans varies between 11 and 20%.

This means that an extremely large number of our vets experience loneliness, distrust, anxiety, and emptiness as a result of the disorder.

But, with a single act of kindness, one woman from SOS Kennels is making a bigger difference than she could even imagine.

In a post that was shared on the Spotlight Facebook group, the woman from SOS Kennels explained the situation, writing, in part:

“I had this gentleman come by today, to pick his puppy out. I noticed his hat right away […] After listening to him tell me about his experience with an IED and the stroke it caused him at 25 years old, he told me he’d be by in a few weeks to pick the pup up, and he’d bring the rest of my money. My response…? …? “You don’t owe me anything!”

The woman goes on to explain that the man’s service is more than enough compensation, especially after everything he’s gone through for his country. Little does she know, this good-hearted act will benefit the young vet’s health in an amazing way.

Smithsonian Magazine describes the amazing effect that dogs can have on veterans, explaining:

“The animals draw out even the most isolated personality, and having to praise the animals helps traumatized veterans overcome emotional numbness. Teaching the dog’ service commands develops a patient’s ability to communicate, to be assertive but not aggressive, a distinction some struggle with. The dogs can also assuage hypervigilance common in vets with PTSD. Some participants report they finally got some sleep knowing that a naturally alert soul was standing watch.”

So, this woman is gifting this man with more than he likely ever anticipated.

People online seem to love the woman’s generosity and respect for military service,

A big shoutout goes out to SOS Kennels for making such a positive difference in this brave, young man’s life!

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