Two Year’s After Dad Dies, Boy Gets Special Guests On ‘Take Your Dad To School Day

Elementary schools are a safe haven for young children where they have a safe place to learn, grow, and flourish.

When you are a young child, the lessons being taught by teachers and even classmates help mold the young adult you become.

Most young children enjoy school; they like the camaraderie they experience with other kids, expressing themselves during art or music class, and being able to exert their energy in gym.

Some schools, like charter schools, take these lessons and combine them with a strong community tie, which is why these types of learning facilities are growing in popularity.

Even when the child has a troubled past or comes from a dangerous or abusive home, many believe these schools provide the added support and compassion that these kids yearn for and need.

One school is proving that theory true.

Alpha Charter of Excellence, in Miami, is a tuition-free charter school that teaches kindergarten through fifth grade.

Alpha Charter of Excellence has an excellent reputation for its relationships between faculty and students. The staff prides themselves on the bond they form with families, not just the kids.

The school believes that understanding a child’s home life enables them to better understand the students’ needs on an individual level.

Seven-year-old Oscar Portillo from Miami is proof of their belief system

Alpha Charter recently had their “Take Your Dad to School Day” breakfast, which is exactly as it sounds.

As bad as Oscar and his mom Lisa wanted Oscar’s dad Armando to attend, it would be impossible; Armando was tragically killed two years ago.

So Lisa and the school worked out a special surprise for Oscar that has everyone who sees it completely blown away.

Watch This Heartwarming Surprise:

There is a long waiting list to get a spot at Alpha Charter of Excellence and with stories like this coming out, it’s likely that list will even grow longer.

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