Twins Survive Dangerous Gestation By Hugging Each Other Inside Their Mother’s Womb

Identical twins, Theo and Reuben are very close, as you’d expect any twins to be.

But what makes Theo and Reuben special is that their closeness literally saved their lives.

When their mom Vicky went in for her 10-week sonogram, the tech gave her some shocking news: she was pregnant with twins.

Before that could even sink in, there was another, less upbeat surprise: they were sharing the same amniotic sac.

A monoamniotic, or Mo-Mo (Monoamniotic-Monochorionic) twin, is one who shares the sac with their sibling and is very rare, occurring in 1 out of every 60,000 twin pregnancies in the U.K.

It’s also extremely dangerous.

Because the twins each have their own umbilical cord but share their surrounding sac, they have an increased chance of suffocating themselves or the other twin with their cords.

Vicky explained how terrified she was upon hearing the news: “I was devastated, as doctors explained it also meant the babies were at extremely high risk – around 50-percent – of not surviving the pregnancy, because of their close proximity. They still had two umbilical cords, to deliver nourishment, which could become tangled, strangling them, which was so frightening to even imagine.”

Two weeks later, Vicky and her husband Chris went in for a 12-week scan and things had definitely taken a turn for the better.

“To our astonishment, at the 12-week scan, we saw that they were cuddling each other and holding hands,” Vicky said.

“They were keeping each other alive by staying still, so their umbilical cords didn’t get tangled.”

Vicky says Theo and Reuben saved each other’s lives and they continue to be close now that they’re 22 months old.

At 13 weeks, one of the twin’s cord did slightly wrap around his brother, making them lie even closer and stiller. Fortunately, this meant it was less likely for a major knot to form.

At 32 weeks, the twins were delivered with Reuben weighing 3lb 14oz, followed by Theo, one minute later, weighing in at 3lb 7oz. “Both of them came out screaming and, most importantly, they were alive,” Vicky said.

The twins remain inseparable to this day.

“They are best of friends,” Vicky explained.

“Before they even knew the world, they knew each other and grew together in such a small space that I knew they would have a special bond for the rest of their lives. Reuben is the ‘do-er’ and Theo the ‘thinker’, but they always have an eye on where the other one is.”

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