Town Is Distraught After No Charges Will Be Filed After Lady Is Mauled To Death By Dogs

When Erin McClesky was making a delivery to a house in Austin, Texas, she never expected it to be her last. But the 36-year-old independent contractor for EZ Messenger and daughter of one of the owners was suddenly ambushed. While at the front door, six dogs started barking. Moments later, they charged at McClesky as she tried to run away. But the dog pack brought her to the ground. Then they killed her and ate her alive. But the Austin police are not filing charges against the dog owners for a surprising reason. Learn what it is below!

While McClesky was being eaten alive, no one was home with the dogs. Because of this, the owner could not have instructed the dogs to attack her and had no way of stopping them from the carnage. And the police think this is good enough to not file charges.

After they killed the young woman, all six dogs in the aggressive pack were impounded. They were held for ten days under quarantine. Then the court released its verdict as to whether the dogs should be euthanized or not.

Some people think the dogs are not at fault because they were protecting their home. But McClesky was not a robber or criminal, she was there on business. Nevertheless, the dogs attacked her and continued to ravage her body until she was killed.

McClesky was at the home in Northeast Travis County to serve papers. Instead of getting served, the owner’s dogs killed her.

When the caretaker came to the home later that day to feed the dogs, they realized the dogs were full. McClesky’s body was found dead and eaten alive at the gate. Deputies believe her corpse had been there for at least five hours. The dogs had plenty of time to do what they wanted to the woman who was there only on business.

Vernon Ballard was shocked to hear that the Austin dogs ate the delivery woman alive. But the animals were in a pack and acted aggressively. The young woman had no way to stop the animals and was quickly overpowered. And when she was, the dogs went to their instinct and bit her how they could kill her.

Ballard lives down the street. He admits that his family has had problems with the dogs at that home for years. His wife, Melissa Ballard, said: “They do jump on everything. I don’t trust them, they’re scary.”

The Ballards don’t let their dogs near the house with the killer pack. They’ve been afraid for years that the dogs would cause problems. Not only that, they fear for their 10-year-old daughter’s life when they see the dogs. The animals are terrifying and out for blood. The Ballards sensed that for years, but now that the truth is out, they’re shocked.

Unfortunately for McClesky, she did not know about the killer dogs when she went to the property on business. She was not prepared to be mauled and then eaten alive by the dog pack.

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