Toddler With Autism Falls In Love With Snow White, Actress’s Response Has Him On Cloud 9

A two-year-old boy who goes by the nickname Jack Jack makes pumpkin pie look sour. He is so sweet that his glance in your direction would make your heart melt. During a recent trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Jack Jack was mesmerized by the characters in the park. But when he turned his innocent eyes to Snow White, her heart melted. And her response to Jack Jack was captured on video. It is just so sweet.

The boy’s mother, Amanda Coley, could not believe how touching the interaction between Jack Jack and Snow White was. And after they had spoken for a few moments, Jack Jack had fallen in love with the Disney Princess.

Autism usually makes social encounters difficult for Jack Jack. And mom was not expected such a heartwarming human connection to develop between the two-year-old boy and the princess. But the boy’s social hesitation melted away as soon as he laid his eyes on the beautiful Snow White. And his mom Amanda couldn’t have been prouder of her boy for opening his heart to her.

Jack Jack is usually very shy, especially around strangers. But something about Snow White opened Jack Jack up to a whole new side of himself. And his mother was so happy to see it.

The two-year-old has two older brothers who always look out for him. And they’re there with him through his journey to make sure he is safe and happy.

Disney World has invited Jack Jack out of his shell. And as a boy dealing with autism, it is great that he now has a destination that allows him to feel confident about who he is. Snow White’s unconditional acceptance of the little boy allowed Jack Jack a safe place to be himself and to show affection.

Now the Coleys have a place for them to go on vacation that Jack Jack can enjoy. Although Disney World is a busy place, with Snow White there, Jack Jack feels comfortable and eager to visit every year.

Amanda recorded the interaction between Jack Jack and Snow White. Then she uploaded the video to YouTube where it quickly became popular. The video has been seen nearly 6 million times at the time of this writing.

Amanda wrote the following to describe what happened with Snow White:

“This is my two-year-old – Jack Jack. He was having nothing to do with any of the characters on our Disney vacation in November. You see, he has autism and is non-verbal. He is on the shy side with people he does not know. THEN… he met Snow White. I must have cried 1000 tears watching his interaction with her. He was in love.”

Viewers like you have shared many comments about the clip. Below we included a few favorites:

“Gets me every time. Snow White is so Beautiful & the way that little boy looks at her just melts my heart.”

“I cried when I first saw this on facebook. I too am on the autistic spectrum.”

What do you think about Jack Jack’s reaction to Snow White?