Toddler Suffers Brain Damage From Falling Tree At Daycare, Family Shares His Brave Story

Parents who send their children off to daycare entrust that their child will be safely taken care of in a loving and nurturing environment. But no matter how spotless a daycare’s reputation may be, sometimes unavoidable tragedies can still happen.

Tripp Was All Smiles Before Tragedy Struck

For two-year-old Tripp Halstead’s family, the unthinkable happened in 2012 when a tree limb crashed down on the toddler. After rushing him to the emergency room, his family was given the devastating news that their precious son had suffered damage on both sides of his brain.

Tripp Shares A Special Moment With His Dad

Although his family were grateful he survived, their hearts broke for the long journey ahead that their only child would face. Tripp would end up spending several months in the hospital recovering and undergoing intensive therapies.

Tripp And His Mother Sally Wear Matching Red Outfits

Now five years after Tripp’s accident, his parents Bill and Stacy have been counting their blessings for every milestone their brave son achieves. Although it’s a challenge for him to flash that broad grin that once came so readily to him, they consider themselves incredibly grateful for the miracle that is their sweet son.

His Smile Lights Up His Parent’s Lives

When a family friend created a Facebook page called Tripp Halstead Updates for Tripp’s parents, it became a positive outlet for his family to connect others with their son’s progress. The page also inspired countless pay it forward acts and serves as a way to raise awareness, and funds, for conditions that many did not know about.

Today the page provides an enormous amount of inspiration for parents going through similar health crisis with their children.

Here He Is Getting A Surprise Visit

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