Toddler Calls Grandma For Advice, Her Reaction Has Our Stomach’s Hurting From Laughter

Grandmothers and granddaughters share a special relationship. There is just something different about this relationship between females than a daughter and her mother. With that generational gap, there is a sense of freedom and trust. Grandma is less likely to punish her grandbaby and much more willing to allow them to break the rules. Mom on the other hand is forced into the disciplinary role and must, at times, be hard on the child if she misbehaves. Grandma gets all the love without any of the resentment. And little Mila Stauffer knows she can always turn to her grandmother for anything. So when she wanted advice on how to win over her first crush, she booted up Facetime and asked her grandmother. The exchange captured in video below is absolutely adorable and something you must watch whether you have grandchildren or not.

Because Mila is a little girl, her crush is none other than the mega celebrity and heartbreaker Justin Bieber. And because she knows she is cute and young, she thinks she stands a chance. But Mila just needs some advice on how to make Justin Bieber see the beauty inside of her so she can stand out from all the other little girls eager for his love.

Grandma is full of good advice and a lot of love hacks that worked for her when she was fawning over John Lennon from the Beatles. While she never did get to go on a date with Ringo, grandma does have some things to tell little Mila so she can hopefully get some attention from Justin Bieber.

First grandma gets down to the love basics. She tells Mila she has to make herself look very pretty – she needs to primp her look. Grandma tells her about the men of her past and how looking pretty always made things help. But beyond that, you’ve got to have brains to win over Justin Bieber. Grandma suggests that Mila start writing love letters to her celebrity crush.

While some of the advice goes over Mila’s head (she is just a little girl after all), it is actually pretty applicable to someone trying to win the heart of a crush.

Then grandma tells Mila about when she had a crush on George Washington – you know America’s first president from the late 1700s.

But Mila doesn’t get it that it is a joke and tries to stop grandma from giving her all the juicy details by cutting off her story with “#GROSS!”

Grandma then takes a different strategy. She suggests that Mila buy him gifts and to start wit ha fidget spinner – they are the hot new fad right now. And while Justin Bieber probably has all the fidget spinners, he doesn’t have one with Mila’s signature on it.

Grandma also tells Mila to start stalking Bieber on social media. She suggests sending him direct messages. And this piques the little girl’s interest because she wants to be noticed by Justin Bieber.

But Mila doesn’t know what to write. So she asks grandma. And what grandma suggests has every viewer laughing out loud.

Check out the video below for a good laugh!

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