Tired Of Being Bullied, This Boy Brought 50 Bikers To His First Day Of School

Bullying. It’s a reprehensible act. No matter the reasoning or rationale, putting down someone else to bolster your own sagging self esteem is not a proper thing to do. It’s harmful and inhuman. It says much more about you than it does the person you are picking on. When you boil it down to basics, it’s about power. The instigator needs a way to make up for the bad feelings they have inside themselves, and they do so by taking it out on someone who they see as inferior.

Phi Mick Hated Being Bullied

So, logic dictates, that if the bullied boy or girl could how dominant and powerful they truly are, the bully would back down. Better still, such a show of support should indicate to anyone with a desire to demean another to, perhaps, think of a more constructive way to work out their internal issues. It doesn’t always work, but awareness itself moves us baby steps closer to eradicating the problem all together.

So His Mother Told A Local Biker About Her Boy

Indiana mom Tammy Mick was concerned for her son Phil. He had been bullied in elementary school. In fact, it was so severe that the boy had even contemplated suicide. When she mentioned this fact to KDZ Motorcycle Sales and Service’s Brent Warfield, she couldn’t have known what he had up his sleeve. Taking the issue to heart, this biker decided to help Phil the best way he knew how. So he organized a show of support to make the boys first days in middle school less stressful.

And He Organized This

What did Warfield do? He gathered together members of his charitable organization, United Motorcycle Enthusiasts and, via a post on Facebook, told them the plan. Phil would have his first bike ride to school, and he would have one heck of an escort along for support. In the end, more than 50 bikers came out, some arriving from miles and hours away. Phil was ecstatic to see so much concern for his well being. Take that bullies. This is one victim who is no longer powerless.

Look At The Turnout

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