This Woman Swears She Sees Her Late Grandmother’s Face In Her Baby’s Ultrasound

It’s one of the most anticipated moments in the entire prenatal process. From the moment a couple learns they are pregnant to the day the baby comes, there are lots of these little achievements to unlock, and the first ultrasound is one of the most important. You may not be able to tell the baby’s sex, but you can see how the fetus is developing and be made aware of any issues. It’s a crucial link in the process.

It’s An Important Step For Expectant Parents

For others, however, ultrasounds can hold even more information. Indeed, with the increase of social media and the sharing of personal items and information across same, we’ve seen people claiming all kinds of things in their imagery. From visions of heaven and hell, Jesus and demons, to long gone family members and friends, the prenatal procedure is now part of a growing cult of common experience.

This Woman Was Happy With The Results

Emily Beckett can now add her name to the list of those who’ve had a weird experience during their procedure. Coming in for her 10-week check-up, the mom-to-be was anxious to see the results. It was then when the nurse chimed in, mentioning the “other face.” Other face, Emily thought, and then she saw the printout. Indeed, there seemed to be something there, and it was awfully familiar to her.

Especially When She Found This In The Imagery

For Emily, the other face was her grandmother Elizabeth “Jean” Booth who died three years ago. She was like a second mom to her and her sister Gemma, and the lovely old lady had always wanted to see her grandchildren have children. Sadly, cancer took her before that could happen. But as Emily points out, her “nan” would never want to miss her pregnancy, and now, apparently, she hasn’t. You’ve seen the photos. What do you think?

And Here’s Another Case Of A Mysterious Face In The Ultrasound

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