This father doused his 3-year old daughter with gas and set her on fire! He claimed he did this because she was “too beautiful”

Parents should protect their children, but life shows that often instead of being protectors, they become the torturers.

Addictions and aggression are quite common causes of family disintegration. Many people cannot cope with adult life, and even more so with parenting, so they act out on helpless children, which in most cases affects the entire life of a toddler.

Edward Herbert is 43-years old and lives in Perth, a city in Western Australia. The man has two daughters: a seven-year old suffering from mild autism and a three-year-old. Sadly, from the beginning he was an irresponsible parent.

Edward does not shy away from drugs and often gets mad because he cannot control his aggression. Eventually, his behavior led to a tragedy in which his youngest daughter suffered most. Unfortunately, one attack of the father’s fury will make him remember the hell he put his family through for the rest of his life.

What exactly happened in Western Australia. Be sure to read the rest of the article, and you will learn everything.

Edward Herbert drank alcohol for several days and smoked marijuana. Unfortunately he suffered an attack of aggression and threatened his partner with a knife. Then he went to his daughter’s room and poured gas on her. Without any hesitation, he pulled out a lighter and set fire to the defenseless 3-year-old! The girl suffered severe burns mainly on her upper body and face.

Policewoman Stephanie Bochorsky came to help the children and the frightened woman. When the woman saw the burning child, she immediately put out the flame with a blanket and called for help. Daniel McMillan, the neighbor, was also on the spot, looking for the perpetrator. He found him quickly because Edward was in the kitchen and as if nothing had happened, he was drinking beer. When asked what happened, he said:

These are my children and I can do whatever I want with them. No one will interrupt me, and my youngest daughter was too beautiful, so I burned her.

The neighbor was totally shocked to hear these words, but on the other hand he expected that he wouldn’t hear anything smart from someone like Edward.

The father was arrested and taken to trial. In the courtroom he repeated that he wanted to burn his daughter because she was too beautiful and he admitted that he planned to finish his other daughter and maybe his partner. In general, a number of charges were held against the man: the child’s injury and threat to her life, domestic violence, the use of criminal threats and possession of drugs.

The man confessed to burning his daughter, but at the same time stated that he was insecure at the time and this is what he based his entire defense on. He thinks he was freaked out by an attack of aggression, so he feels innocent. The trial is still ongoing.

Domestic violence cannot be underestimated, because allowing it will make it grow stronger and make it more difficult to stop. Edward has been aggressive for a long time, and his anger intensified further by his surrounding stimulants. Unfortunately, his daughter, who now awaits many surgeries and plastic surgery, is suffering from the scarring of her upper body and face, which will probably remind her of the tragedy she survived for the rest of her life.