This father abandoned his daughter after seeing her face. 22 years later she showed the world that beauty is on the inside

What’s most important is what a person has inside, because it attests to their value.

The development of a baby a mother’s womb is a complex process, so every mother has only one wish, that her baby be born healthy. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are normal and sometimes genetic mutations occur, which result in serious illness.

Irina Nezhensteva from the Russian city of Novy Urengoy, gave birth to her daughter more than 21 years ago. When the nurses brought her the newborn baby, she knew that something was wrong with her because the girl’s face was different from that of other newborns.

Later the father of little Katja came to the hospital, and when he saw her, without waiting for any explanation from the doctors or a detailed diagnosis, he said that he didn’t want such an ugly child. So he abandoned his wife with a sick child and was never interested in their fate.

What was wrong with Katja and how did her life turn out? You’ll learn more about this later on in the article.

What did Irina see when they showed her her newborn? A face full of wrinkles! The girl was diagnosed with a very rare condition – progeria, which occurs once in about 8 million births. It is a disease characterized by the accelerated aging of the body, and people suffering from it, live only 13-16 years.

Intensification of the body’s aging in people with progeria happens around 18 years of age. Although the organism is barely a few months old, it begins to struggle with the usual problems of weight loss, decreased skin firmness, alopecia, and osteoarthritis.

Although Katja was seriously ill and the prospects for her future were not optimistic, Irina did not even think of leaving her daughter. She decided that she would do her best to give her a joyous childhood, and most importantly, for her to feel loved as she is.

Irina did her best to make her daughter happy, but when she started school, problems began. The children pointed at her, were afraid of her or ridiculed her. It was only among her peers that Katja realized she was different and could not understand why people attach so much importance to her appearance and not who she is.

She decided at the time that she would do anything to show people who she really was: friendly, nice, smart and kind. Although Katja was often tormented by questions about why something like this happened to her, she did not pity herself, and the consequences of her illness showed her true face to the world.

The girl’s obstinacy and inner optimism allowed her to find a group of faithful friends who did not look at her through the prism of the disease. Later, even her bullies gave up and decided to get to know her. The young Russian woman was very happy that she convinced so many people that the true beauty of a person is within.

Although people with progeria die in their teens, Katja is already over 20! The girl not only lives, but lives life to the fullest. She found a boyfriend and decided to marry him. She also benefited from plastic surgery and improved her oval face and eyes to look more “normal” so that she could find better work.

After the wedding Katja and her husband Denis decided to take a very brave step: having a baby. The woman became pregnant and despite all her doctor’s fears, she gave birth to a healthy little boy. Today she is happy to have her own family, and she is very grateful to her mother who has always been with her and supported her. In a word, Katja came to terms with her fate:

I accepted my illness and I love myself the way I am. This illness has made me unique and I am glad that I have managed to stand up against all the difficulties and show that everyone can be happy..

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