This Brave Boy Beat The Odds And Is Proving To His Doctors Just How Strong He Is

Before the advent of the Internet, before the entire world became interconnected and capable of communicating with each other, we knew little about rare diseases and/or afflictions. Unless a major news service or a local paper believe that there was “human interest” involved in the individual’s story, such severe physical situations were kept under wraps.

This Is Evan Fasciano

They were not welcome in “polite society,” whatever that means. So back before everyone was online, something like ichthyosis would have been both a medical and communal unknown, and anyone suffering from it “hidden” from the rest of us.

These Are Evan’s Parents

Lucky then that little Evan Fasciano lives in 2016. When he was born, his body was covered in a strange skin that resembled hard scales. Immediately placed in ICU, doctors were convinced he wouldn’t live to see another day. Of course, that prognosis changed over time. Treatment regimens were devised and after being pronounced a goner, Evan’s mom took over.

This Is What Evan Looked Like When He Was Born

She continued his daily baths and the applying of lotions. She believed in her boy and his will to live. She and her husband did all they could to find out about this rare condition. While there still is no cure, they’ve brought their son to the point where he can now attend school.

Baths Are A Big Part Of Evan’s Current Treatment

Amazing, right? A few decades ago, Evan probably faced limited odds. Even doctors today admit they know little about ichthyosis. One of the most unusual aspects of the condition are the calories it burns. Because of the rapid skin growth, Evan must each much more than an average person to keep up his strength and stamina. It’s just another strange aspect of the affliction. Again, thank God for modern times and the Internet. Now we know more about this disease. Now, we can all support Evan and his family.

Here Is Evan’s Story

Not Everyone Shuns Those With Rare Conditions

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