This babysitter had enough of the baby’s crying. She grabbed a pan and started acting like a monster! The internet let her really have it

Nowadays, having a good babysitter is priceless. Mothers who want to get back to work as quickly as possible look for someone who will take good care of their children while performing household chores.

Terrible babysitters don’t have “I’m a monster” written on their forehead. In general it’s hard to tell the difference between a good and warm nanny and an awful and mean one. Everyone wants to present their best selves for the first impression, so they don’t betray the fact that they don’t have patience or a way or working with children.

Then the cat comes out of the bag. You can usually see that something is not right by looking at the child. When they’re not happy to see their babysitter, are stressed or frightened, it’s a sign that something bad is happening. It’s best to check this out, because you never know who you’ve let into the house and whether the seemingly perfect babysitter is actually an awful troublemaker.

This Maryland resident thought she had chosen the perfect person by hiring Ismelda Ramos Mendoza. The woman was looking for a babysitter for her 6-month-old daughter and decided on this nice 36-year-old.

What did her employer find out? More about this on the next page.

At first, there were no red flags in regards to her work until a certain day. On this day the mother returned home and when she looked at her child, she saw huge bubbles on her feet. She immediately demanded an explanation from Ismelda, but she wasn’t able to tell her anything about it. She claimed she had no idea what had happened to her feet. Allegedly she had her eye on her the entire time and didn’t know where the blisters came from. The child’s mother was not convinced. She called 911.

The toddler was taken to a hospital where it was found that they had been severely burned and the babysitter was charged with child abuse. With her back against the wall, Ismelda started remembering what happened to lead to this incident. It turned out that she was not a patient and conscientious nanny. She would get frustrated whenever the baby cried and wanted to silence her at all costs. She chose probably the worst way to solve this problem – she burned the girl’s feet on a hot pan.

She happened to be frying tortillas when the baby started crying. She had had enough of her screams, so she grabbed her by the feet and put them against the hot pan. Did she really think that she was going to calm her down this way? Usually, pain causes even worse crying … The child suffered a second-degree burn, but luckily she is in good hands and we hope that the recovery will not take long. The caretaker has been charged with abuse, but we don’t yet know how they will pay for it. it is not yet known how he will pay for it.

A photo of the burned feet quickly spread all over the internet. People did not hide their outrage over Ismelda’s actions and wished that she would one day meet a similar fate. A lot of mothers became scared of their babysitters and decided that they would rather quite work than hand their child over into a stranger’s arms.

I will never let a stranger take care of my kid. I’ll send them to my grandmother or to a friend – writes one internet user.

Fortunately, not all babysitters are bad. This case, however, proves that there are monsters out there that you should not trust your children with.

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