This 48-year-old construction worker wanted to look like a bodybuilder. The result? Children laugh at him and women ignore him!

Lots of people all over the world put in a lot of effort every day to have a dream body. They run, go to the gym, use a variety of diets and scrupulously count calories.

They’ll do everything just to look good and boast to their friends about their fantastic silhouette. Some people go for shortcuts. Instead of carving their muscles in the gym and losing those extra pounds, they choose plastic surgery or swallow slimming tablets that supposedly work miracles. Unfortunately, a magic formula has not been invented to create the perfect body. Without diet and exercise at the gym, the goal will never be achieved.

While women desire to have flat stomachs and shapely hips, men dream of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles. There is an easy and quick way to make your biceps bigger by a few inches in a short time. Just buy a synthol and inject it into a strategic place. The effects do not take long. Oil causes inflammation within the muscles and rapidly increases their volume.

A big fan of synthetics is a 48-year-old Brazilian construction worker. Go to the next page and learn his story.

Valdir Segato, in his youth, had problems with alcohol and drugs. He weighed only 55 kilograms (eight stone, six pounds) and was called “Skinny Dog” (due to his size).

I stumbled upon drugs and started losing weight. I barely ate and lead a bad lifestyle – admitted Valdir years later.

Several years later the man gained a completely different nickname. Hulk, Schwarzenegger, He-Man and the street monster – people now call him. While walking down the streets of Sao Paulo, some look at him with respect, while others laugh outloud. All because of his appearance, which raises a lot of interest.

He started working on his silhouette when he quit drugs. He signed up for the gym but did not achieve the results he dreamed of. One of his colleagues recommended synthol to him, the so-called artificial muscle grower. Valdir quickly became dependent on it and he regularly injects it into his arms and chest.

Along with his muscles, the Brazilians weight also increased – from 55 kilos (eight stone, six pounds) to almost 80 (12 stone, five pounds). The “bodybuilder” is very happy with his look, but regrets that the oil does not make him stronger. Well, you cannot have everything!

His friend Fernando Carvalho da Silva commented on what the Hulk did:

This oil is total stupidity. He thinks it’s good, and I’m his friend, so I just sit quietly. I would like to tell him to stop with this, but I see he does not want to. It gives him happiness, though it is risky.

Doctors repeatedly warned him against the consequences, but Valdir completely does not care.

This is my decision. I will inject it because I like it.

Paradoxically the inflated muscles are not a magnet for women. In fact, they do not really attract them. The man admitted that some people give him strange looks when he passes by them on the street, and that kids ridicule him and run away. However, he has an answer for this.

I awaken respect from people and people are afraid to approach me. I think that is the problem. I do not care what they say. My dream is to get even more muscular and become world famous.

Valdir still has a lot to do. His biceps measure less than 69 centimeters (27 inches), and record holder Moustafa Ismail from Egypt boasts almost 79 centimeters (31 inch).

The 48-year-old has taken up the challenge and is sure that he’ll beat Moustafa’s record. He is still 10 centimeters (4 inch) away! Do you think women will go for these extra centimeters ???

We remind everyone that synthol carries serious health and life risks. It causes congestion in the blood vessels and abscesses in the muscles. By injecting this oil, you also exacerbate biceps bursts, muscle necrosis and serious infections.

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