They Were Shopping When Baby Needed A Nap. Then Dad Came Up With The Best Solution.

Parents everywhere know the feeling of dealing with fussy kids who just need a nap while they’re running errands.

It’s hard, especially with a child who doesn’t fall asleep easily in a stroller or car. But parents are pretty resourceful, so they can come up with some ingenious ways to take care of their kids, even in a difficult situation.

One set of parents took a video of their shopping trip exploits, and when you see what Dad does to help his fussy baby, you’ll laugh out loud just like Mom did.

Their baby boy was so cranky. He just needed a nap, but they still had some shopping to do.

Mom told Dad to keep walking him around the store while she finished up, but he had something else in mind.

When she came back, he was caught red-handed playing on his phone instead of walking with the baby. But wait until you see what he did instead…

What a great trick! He got baby to bed after all!

If only we could all fall asleep on the display beds in stores! What a resourceful dad. Share this with the parents you know to give them a chuckle.