They Thought It Was Funny When They Were Stuck On The Waterslide Until They Looked Behind Them

While in a waterslide in Mexico, two girls get caught in the middle. They had broken the rules and gone down together and are trying to get out of the predicament as a team. While they are not eager to stay stuck in the slide all day, they’re having fun trying to pry themselves free – until they look behind them as see a woman torpedoing down the tube. The girls scream but it is too late. She slams into the two girls and dislodges them from the slide. The girls go flying.

While people of all ages love waterparks – despite their inherent health risk – one park in Mexico might not be as safe as it appears in the brochure. As two girls get stuck in the middle, another woman comes barreling down the slide right toward the young ladies.

They had gone down the slide together and gotten stuck in the middle – apparently after losing their momentum. They awkwardly try to slide on their bums to get themselves going again. But as they look back and see an adult woman torpedoing toward them, their faces become noticeably worried. As the girls check out the approaching woman, the camera pans out to show the human torpedo coming toward them. She is careening down the slide without any concern for the young girls in front of her.

The girls scream as the woman approaches and desperately try to get down the slide before they get injured. But the woman slams into them and sends the smaller girls flying.

The footage ends as the three women scramble across the slide and try to get going down it again. No one seems to be seriously injured.

The clip was filmed in Mexico, but it is uncertain which water park has the lax safety practices.

Mail Online readers shared some thoughts about the video.

‘”I can almost guarantee that they flouted the ‘individual riders only’ rule, the first one will have stopped on the slide to wait for her friend… look at the speed that woman was coming down, no way those girls just got stuck by coming down normally.”

“Serves them right for messing about! They weren’t stuck, just being idiots.”

“Well it didn’t prevent the other lady from sliding down. They were acting ridiculous sitting on top of each other. Serves them right for holding up the line.”

“I think the solution is one slide for those who want to go down at a relatively pedestrian pace (on their rear-ends), and the other for those wanting to ‘torpedo’ down on their stomachs, as it seems as though that is what she was doing & how she caught up to them so quickly.”

Commenters also added their reactions to the YouTube video included below:

“They were acting stupid and made themselves stop. Notice the person behind them had no problem sliding down. Just a couple idiots trying to be funny and it hit them in the *ss in the most literal way.”

What do you think happened at this Mexican waterpark?

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