They live in harmony with nature, so the father thinks that swinging a baby on all sides will have a great impact on its health.

More and more parents consider themselves to be better experts than doctors and these imposters are gaining their applause.

Many parents find that natural treatments are much better than those offered by doctors. They reach for herbs, strange peculiarities and unfortunately more than once have caused more harm to the child than the pharmacological treatment. Whatever you think about such methods, moderation is certainly important in both directions. You do not have to immediately stuff your baby with antibiotics, but also ancient witches are not the best solution.

The Internet is full of advice as to how to draw a charm for a child. These include what herbs to burn and how to bathe the baby to be healthy and ruminant. The division of people who believe in such treatments and who consider them a hoax is fairly uniform. However, there are also people who are happy to publish their children’s treatments, which may make others skin to crawl. And it’s not just about mothers who do children’s make-up or give them false nails.

Kirill Stremousov from Ukraine showed how he stretched his 4-month-old daughter Milada. What he does to the child would scare most people. He spins the child on its head, holding the child by its arm or leg, waving it like a thing. The baby’s joints are very burdened. Kirill believes that it is very good for a child to practice like other trainees. He thinks it makes the baby stronger.

The girl is spinning around on her head, and Kirill explains that she feels very well and has better blood circulation. Kirill and his family live according to nature, do not take any medication, do not take any vaccines. Many internet users were unable to watch the recordings because it made their own bones hurt. See for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think.