The father dragged his naked son’s body over concrete! For a 12-year-old child it was a punishment for playing hooky and stealing $20!

It is a pity that you do not need any permission or licenses to own children.

Children will be mischievous, spoiled, and dishonest because that is their nature. They are interested in the world and yet they cannot always judge what is good and what is bad, so some of their behaviors deserve to be reproved. A good parent should, in the first place, explain mistakes to the child, and then reasonably bring upon them consequences.

Children cannot be completely indulged and punished. However, it must be done skillfully not to hurt the child but to show him that their behavior is unacceptable and must change. Unpredictable punishment will make the child fear the parent and their comfort, instead of understanding that everyone has to bear the consequences of their behavior.

Unfortunately, many parents cannot properly punish their children. They are exposed to emotions and apply penalties that harm the child and awaken in them a frustration and regret instead of reflection and repentance.

Behavior of your child at school age can lead drive a parent crazy, but it is up to the adult to control their anger and to act calmly. Unfortunately, a father from the Chinese town of Yunnan could not do that.

The man is the father of a 12-year-old boy. The son, like a child of this age, does not like school, so sometimes he leaves. In addition, he spent a night outside his home and stole 100 yuan ($20) from his family savings box. This behavior enraged the father, who was thought of a cruel punishment.

Anger induces physical abuse and so was the case. The father ordered the boy to strip naked and tied him up. First, he gave him some cane lashes, then tied him to his motorbike. He turned on the engine, unscrewed the gas handle and dragged his own child 20 meters on concrete!

Fortunately, the ride was short, as witnesses of the incident cried out for the man to stop. Unfortunately, the boy had many skin cuts and bruises. In addition, he was shivering from the cold, because the weather was rainy and windy.

What the Chinese father did cannot be called punishment, but torture! Everyone in the street was outraged by his behavior, and later Internet users did not have any mercy on him. One can only hope that criticism has impacted the man and that he will change his ways because his educational methods are unacceptable and surely America or Europe would direct him to prison.

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