The Farmer’s Almanac Just Released Its Predictions For How Bad Winter Is Going To Be

If you are someone who loves all of the cold weather sports and treasures the chillier months, then you are going to love what you are about to read. Those who do not love the winter are urged to bypass the following information if they do not wish to become outraged. There are a number of locations in the United States and Canada that will not be seeing sun on a regular basis.

In addition to this chilling prognosis, it is also believed that there are a number of locations in upper North America that are going to experience cooler winter temperatures than they did last year. These temperatures are believed to be caused by solar activities that are lower than expected. The Old Farmer’s Almanac still believes that this winter will have a warmer close than average, however.

The coldest winter ever took place back in 1936 and while this winter is not expected to be as cold, there are a number of atmospheric factors that are expected to contribute to the dip in temperature. Fear not, though, as your proximity to these conditions will depend on the region of the country that you are currently residing in.

California residents should be preparing themselves for a wetter and colder winter than usual, which is good news when you stop to consider the drought that they have been dealing with. As for the Pacific Northwest, this region is slated to experience a winter that is much drier than their normal conditions. The upper Midwest is expected to have a more mild winter than usual.

Unfortunately, the regions of the United States that are already waterlogged will be experiencing unwanted precipitation. The southeastern United States is predicted to receive a sizable amount of rainfall, which is the last thing that most residents of the area wanted to hear. As for the Midwest? This area is expected to receive a higher level of snowfall than they have in years.

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