The customs officer asked the old American for his passport. He blushed when he heard the 90-year-old’s answer!

Young people thing that they know best, but that’s not always exactly the case.

They often disagree with their grandparents or parents opinions and instead do their own thing. Later they turn out to be wrong and wanting to solve the problem, they go to to their father, mother or grandmother for valuable advice. Older people know better because they know more about life. They have gone through a lot and gained valuable experiences that young people are still missing. This short story is about not ignoring our elders and forgetting what they did for us.

A group of retired American teachers flew to France for a trip. They wanted to see the world famous Paris and its biggest tourist attraction – the Eiffel tower. There were many other interesting places to explore, but first they had to land and check in at the hotel. The first problems already appeared at the airport.

What were they? More about this on the next page.

The customs officer asked the first person in line to show his passport. Robert Whiting was astonished that the young man was asking him at all. He had no choice but to show it. He began to fumble in his bag, trying to find the document quickly. The customs officer, seeing his clumsiness, asked in a mocking voice:

Have you been to France before???

Yes, of course – said the old man.

You probably know that you need to prepare your passport in advance then?

You know, when I was here last, you did not have to show documents.

That’s impossible. Americans always have to show passports when arriving in France.

The old man gave him a hard look and replied:

When I landed on Omaha Beach in 1944 to help liberate your country, I could not find any Frenchmen to show my passport to.