Teen Walks Up To 2-Year-Old Girl In Toy Store, Does Something Completely Unexpected

On the 22nd of October 2015, Megan Shufflebarger and her children were shopping at a Target store for Kinley’s birthday in Lafayette, Indiana. While Kinley started to state all the things that she wanted, a teenager had overheard her conversation and walked up to her. He then asked her which doll she preferred so Kinley simply pointed to her favourite one.

He took the doll she had pointed to and walked to the cashier while Megan stayed put. He came back later with the doll in a plastic bag. He then gave the doll to Kinley and the receipt to Megan, wishing Kinley a “happy birthday” before leaving.

Even though Megan did not know his name, his actions had surprised her.

In order to track him down and thank him properly, Megan posted the photos on Facebook. Her story soon caught the attention of fellow users and through them, the teenager was revealed to be Tario Fuller II.

Tario was a freshman football player at Purdue University. His act of kindness had touched and inspired countless people, including Megan herself.
Purdue University responded to Megan’s post, stating that they are proud of their students in the Athletics department.

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