Teen From ‘BGT’ That Simon Cowell Promised To Help Steps Out Post-Spine Surgery

It’s time for a feel good follow-up. It’s always intriguing to see where a story goes, and how the end plays out. In this case, we are revisiting the tale of Julia Carlile, a teen from the UK who made quite an impression with her dance crew as part of the top-rated Britain’s Got Talent. Her story was so unique, and the reaction so special, that it requires an update.

Simon Cowell Promised To Pay For Her Surgery

For those who don’t remember what happened, here’s a brief overview. Julia was born with scoliosis, otherwise known as curvature of the spine, and depending on the severity, it can rank from distracting to debilitating. Trying to overcome the effect, the 15-year-old joined a dance group known as Just Us, and when they auditioned for the UK reality competition, they got the Golden Buzzer from judge Alesha Dixon.

Now Julia Carlile Has Had The Operation

The notoriously prickly Simon Cowell did even more, promising that, no matter the outcome of the competition, that he would make sure the girl got the surgery she needed to straighten out her back. The cost was estimated to be somewhere between $175,000 and $250,000. It ended up costing Cowell around $236K. Now Julia is on the mend and making a rare public appearance to discuss what has happened since that fateful audition.

And She’s Come Through It With Flying Colors

Her recuperation and rehab was not easy. Julia told a TV interviewer, “It has been really hard, probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I just decided I’m going to get better now, because I just want to dance.” She recently appeared with the other Just Us girls at the red carpet premiere of the National Reality Television Awards and she looked stunning. Her surgeon is convinced that Julia is well on the way to fulfilling her ambitions. She handled it all “like a gem,” he said. Good for you, Julia, and good luck in the future.

Julia Gives Us An Update

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