T.V. Comedy Gives Eye-Opening Summary Of America’s Gun Problem

With tragedies like the recent Las Vegas incident sweeping the nation, gun control is on everyone’s mind. News about these events are so widespread that even other countries are discussing gun use in the United States.

One television network put out their own take on the United States gun issue. Knowing that the issue is a sensitive one, they decided to cut the tension with comedy.

“Sunday with Lubach” is a Dutch news satire program that is hosted by the comedian Arjen Lubach. He covers many political stories, but the recent sketch went viral as soon as it hit the internet.

The network created this sketch as a type of PSA for its viewers. In the show, the well-known acronym NRA is given a new meaning: Nonsensical Rifle Addiction.

The show begins with the host himself speaking from his desk. “There’s something going on in the world – a situation we can no longer ignore in a country far away. And we really want to address this.”

The sketch itself addressed the Netherlands’ “dear fellow Europeans” and proceeded to discuss cases of gun violence.

Lubach has made other videos regarding American politics, again using comedy to address a sensitive topic.

With the controversy over gun control on most Americans’ minds, it is interesting to learn that the rest of the world wants to weigh in, too.

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