Survivor Can’t Locate His Dad After Storm. Watch Moment He Finally Hears His Father’s Voice

Texas’ southeastern coast recently experienced a catastrophic occurrence when Hurricane Harvey slammed into the area with the type of furious vengeance that is typically reserved for the world of Hollywood films. While most citizens of Houston were more than aware of the storm prior to its arrival, the severity and devastation that it caused the entire city to experience were more difficult to predict.

Houston is a city that is prone to flooding and once the rainfall came pouring in, the city was plunged into a watery state of stasis and thousands of residents were left to fend for themselves. The area had become impossible for even the most strong minded citizens to navigate and news crews struggled to spread the word about the most problematic regions of the city.

Aaron Mitchell is one local resident who was forced to experience the devastation and his story will definitely pull at your heartstrings. The man struggled to maintain his composure as he recounted the tale of becoming separated from his loving family during the turmoil that the storm caused. His father had gone missing and he searched dark and flooded streets for hours in search of him.

Mitchell walked 12 miles and it was becoming evident to him that his search was being done in vain. When CNN crews arrived on the scene and spoke to the man about his ordeal, the raw emotion in his eyes moved them to make a selfless decision. They decided to use their specialized equipment to provide him with the assistance that he so desperately needed.

The mission was successful and the moment when Aaron finally got to hear his father’s voice again caused him to break down and cry. Once he spoke to his father, he boarded a bus that brought him to the area where his old man was waiting for him. Because of Hurricane Harvey’s intense impact, it is estimated that at least 30,000 to 50,000 residents will need some form of shelter or disaster relief.

Being reunited with family is what matters most at moments like these and while this storm has caused a great deal of sadness and destruction, we can all come together to assist citizens whose lives have been displaced by the chaos taking place. Please share this story to raise awareness about the Houston rescue efforts and let’s do our best to come together during this traumatic time.