Surrogate Mom Gives Birth To Twins, DNA Test Reveals They Aren’t Related

When someone offers to be a surrogate, they are carrying a child that is not biologically theirs. The fetus is essentially created using the sperm and eggs from the couple that surrogate is carrying the baby for. However, there are instances where things go a bit differently. Last December, a woman named Jessica gave birth to boys for a couple since she was their surrogate and things ended up going in an unexpected direction.

When the babies were born, Jessica did not get a chance to see them. However, about a month after giving birth, the woman she carried them for sent her a photo so that she could see the children she helped to bring in the world.

Jessica immediately noticed that the twins were not identical. The skin tone of one of the children was considerably lighter than the other. DNA testing was done, and the end result was something that none of them expected. One of the boys was determined to be Jessica’s son biologically.

The parents of the boys were very kind about the situation and made it possible for Jessica to meet her son after they received the unexpected DNA results. Jessica stated that she first met her son in a Starbucks parking lot. She said that all of them were absolutely floored.

Healthcare providers explained that this is a phenomenon that can happen with surrogacy. It is extremely rare, however. The phenomenon is referred to as superfetation. It is essentially a double pregnancy.

Once a woman becomes pregnant, her body generally stops producing eggs. However, there are rare cases where the pregnant woman will ovulate again. In this instance, once Jessica was pregnant with the surrogate fetus, she became pregnant again with her husband.

Jessica states that she and her husband followed all of the doctor’s instructions concerning abstaining from sex until her surrogate pregnancy was confirmed.

Jessica and her husband reside in San Bernardino, California. The couple already had two other sons. However, when Malachai, the surrogate baby that was biologically hers, was 10 months old, Jessica and her husband got custody and were then free to raise the child as their own.

She says that she and her husband feel robbed because they missed the first few months of their son’s life. She said that it was hard to regain custody of her child and she says the surrogacy agency made it hard to get their son back. The agency says that this is not true.

To be a surrogate, Jessica was paid $35,000. She says that the agency asked for $18,000 to $22,000 to help her regain custody of her child. However, about two months after they began the process they were able to get their child back without having to pay anything. The family is currently fighting to get his birth certificate so that they are able to get him a social security card.

This is a story you do not hear often, but it does happen. There are other stories of superfetation that have made headlines in the last few decades that were just as shocking as this one.